American Pride

As a naturalized citizen and US Army Gulf War veteran, I find myself in conflict with the nation I call my own now. I have seen this great country go from a powerful nation to a country filled with selfish, greedy and ungrateful citizens. We are at war, our nation is bankrupt, we are owned by China, Saudi Arabia and Japan and politicians are raping us blind. Our factories have closed down and we are loosing our technical and manufacturing capabilities. Go to any store and you no longer see "Made in USA", but something that I despise..."Made in China". Where is our patriotism and our willingness to group together and boycott Chinese made products, when did we loose our right to kick out politicians stealing from us and when did politicians loose their integrity and moral fiber?

Congress is raping this nation blind and our own laws allow and protect these acts. When we vote, our options are to vote not for the right candidate for this nation, but for the lesser of two evils. Since when does a better candidate not even have the right to debate. Even our politicians have a monopoly on the elections. Wake up America!!! lets get back to what we used to be after WWII, a proud nation full of patriotism willing to make the country grow and succeed.

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