Balotelli ceased to magic

The league title to enter the superheating. When Balotelli ceased to magic, when Aguero suffered injuries, City fans look back to the front bench, but found in any team to play great super striker, were destroyed by his boss — Dzeko Team Soccer Jerseys had a field ” decisive battle ” for the state, and the long sparse battlefield Tevez heart savior weakness back to. Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart in the” Daily Mirror” said:” if the team this season to win, that will not be Tevez personal responsibility, but all the wrong people, including Tevez, including me, and all the other people.” Who is making the striker became useless culprit? Who is unable to handle the contradiction that the morale of the troops locker room instability sin hill? Who is the real man should leave the city? Maybe tonight, when the blue moon fans see the ringside witness Balotelli to rewrite the score to2-3, but discouraged head coach, heart already had the answer.

A striking one snag after another goal of World War II, Manchester City people in their season unbeaten Ittihad Club encountered Waterloo, rely on the final moments of the second round 2balls to get a draw, Mancini and his team home AC Milan Youth Soccer Shirts Replica winning streak ended in the championship, in a game behind Manchester United 2 points, the championship Libra gradually to the Manchester United side slope.

But the headache Mancini has not only failed to take all 3 points is more important to Manchester locker room not harmonious atmosphere again erupted in conflict, even faction! While the man is he — make people love and hate Balotelli!

That is when the game to the sixty-third minute time, when Manchester City team in the scene is still backward by 2 balls, is hanging by a thread. However house leakage slants meet rain of the same night, the city’s two big tough guy during the team’s crisis broke out in the fierce conflict: when Manchester City team Chelsea Youth Soccer Shirts Replica before the game gained a good free kick position,” left ” of pop Kolarov holding the ball slowly going to take time,” scrappy” arrived” the Balotelli place”, his intentions are obvious: is to grab any ball take right here! Of course, the tough guy Kolarov will not agree with Balotelli’s request, he angrily back off, God’s entanglement, ignoring the protests of the ball itself steadily placed in the grass.


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