Bill to Ban Traffic Cameras is Scheduled for Debate in the Iowa House

The Iowa House Republican caucus met earlier today and discussed a bill (HF 2214) to ban automated traffic enforcement systems (speed cameras and red light cameras) across Iowa.  They voted 28-6-4.  The measure will now be debated on the House floor this evening.

Several Republican representatives, representing districts where automated traffic cameras are already in place, are poised to vote AGAINST banning them statewide.  A number of amendments have been proposed--most of which have been withdrawn, and most of which would protect the current camera systems--but these Representatives are still prepared to vote NO to ban these cameras.

Renee Schulte (R-37), Linn County - [email protected]

Ron Jorgensen (R-54), Woodbury County - [email protected]

Mary Ann Hanusa (R-99), Pottawattamie County - [email protected]

Another Republican Representative, Nick Wagner, CHANGED his vote, and will now vote YES to ban these cameras.  That leaves many representatives unaccounted for.  Some are against the present system, but think it can be "fixed".  These people don't understand the real problem.  You can't target the lawbreakers. The cameras aren't just watching them.  Once you turn them on, they're watching EVERYONE!!!

Contact your Representative right away.  Ask them how they plan to vote on HF 2214.  Tell them this bill is about protecting your right not to be spied on by your government.  Tell them your rights are more important than government revenue.  Thank your representatives for their support if they've already agreed to support this legislation.

You can watch the debate LIVE from the House floor tonight online.

For Liberty,

Dusty Juhl

Interim State Coordinator

Iowa Campaign for Liberty

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