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"We definitely are the campaign right now with the momentum, the enthusiasm on the ground," the former Pennsylvania senator said Wednesday, hours after capturing Republican caucuses in Minnesota and Colorado and a non-binding primary in Missouri.

Santorum's caucus successes vaulted him ahead of Newt Gingrich into second place in the competition for Republican National Convention delegates. The Associated Press count showed Mitt Romney leading with 112 delegates, followed by Santorum with 72, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich with 32 and Texas Rep. Ron Paul with 9.

"I believe that conservatives are beginning to get it, that we provide the best opportunity to beat President Obama," Santorum said, a jab at both Romney and Gingrich.

Yet he came under fresh attack during the day from Romney as a supporter of earmarked federal spending, and a resumption appeared likely soon in the ad wars that so far have worked to the advantage of the better-financed former Massachusetts governor.

"We're always going to have a huge spending gap, but money can't buy people's hearts," said Ron Carey, an unpaid volunteer who was Santorum's chief adviser in Minnesota and whose car served as a travelling campaign office.

"He has a huge upside when people get to know him," added Carey, a former state party chairman.

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   Former Senator Rick Santorum and apparently many others see him as the best GOP candidate to defeat President Barack Obama in 2012.  As I see it, despite being a strict moral conservative and family man, Senator Santorum does have political baggage. His uncompromising moral convictions border on bigotry and intolerance toward gays and pro-choice advocates, so much so his own Congressional district kicked him out of office. There are millions of straight people who sympathize with the Gay rights movement that will be galvanized to activism against Rick Santorum. Santorum also has shady earmarks and post Senate "influence peddling" to explain away. There are radical conservatives and what I call "common sense" conservatives. Rick Santorum is not what I would call a "common sense" Conservative, something America really needs as President in 2012.



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