Does Mark Hatfield Support the 2nd Amendment?

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Update Feb 2, 2012:

After 8 weeks of phone calls and emails from activists like you, Rep. Mark Hatfield is now a co-sponsor of HB 679. Thank you for all of your hard work!

This is an important first step.

But time is running out for Georgia General Assembly. We need the Public Safety and Homeland Security committee to act on this bill before 'crossover' day.

Please contact Rep. Hatfield and ask him to make a written, public statement asking for the Public Safety and Homeland Security committee to hold public hearings and take a roll call vote on the Georgia Constitutional Carry Act of 2012.

Rep. Mark Hatfield (R-Waycross)
mha[email protected]
(404) 656-0109
(912) 285-1675

Constitutional Carry is the key to restoring the protection of law to our God-given right to self defense, and any true supporter of the 2nd Amendment would be proud to make such a statement.


Does Rep. Mark Hatfield actually support the 2nd Amendment, or, like so many politicians, does he simply pay it lip service to garner votes?

Actions speak louder than words.

This past December the Georgia Constitutional Carry Act of 2012 was pre-filed in the Georgia General Assembly. Since that time we have been asking you contact Rep. Mark Hatfield and tell him to co-sponsor HB 679.

What has his response been so far? Silence and, more importantly, inaction.

Please contact Representative Mark Hatfield (again) and ask him:

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