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Domineering Tiger Bayern Munich Jersey legendary 33-year-old holding the Champions League 43 years old when my grandfather


Domineering Tiger Bayern Munich Jersey legendary 33-year-old holding the Champions League 43 years old when my grandfather

Domineering Tiger Bayern Munich Jersey  legendary 33-year-old holding the Champions League 43 years old when my grandfather

German football last week undergone a lot of things, such as the Dortmund basic lock the league title, Robben missed penalty + Buddhism, etc., but most people talked about legend or already retired "Tiger" Effenberg blessed with grandson . After retiring, he was walking in front of the others, the age of 43 and became a grandfather, a player Effenberg vested with.

Borussia produced

This season the Borussia successful revival of culture Royce Herman, a new generation of future internationals. As early as the 1970s and 1980s, Borussia youth training camp in Germany is well known for frequently produced the German international, Netzel, Mateus Borussia manufacturing. Effenberg also M?nchengladbach youth academy produced, 1987, 19 year-old Effenberg completed in Borussia Bundesliga debut, The Effenberg rapid growth of the Bundesliga first-class midfielder, played 73 years times, scoring 10 goals.

Bundesliga star fame will tend to be Bayern eye on the players of Bayern want 99% can be the Bundesliga's best rookie Effenberg escape route. In 1990, Effenberg, 22-year-old joined Bayern.

Flee the Apennine

Joined Bayern, however, Effenberg rapidly becoming Bayern Munich Soccer Jersey  the main force, but unfortunately, when he joined Bayern is low tide, when the reign of Bayern coach Jupp Heynckes is entering late, low morale of the team. In this case, Effenberg also unable to lead the team forward, although his two seasons, played 65 times scoring 19 goals, but Bayern two seasons in a row missed the championship.

In the summer of 1992, Bayern shake transformation Effenberg Borussia predecessors Mateus from Inter Milan to return to Munich, Effenberg just leave Bayern, he moved to Florence, Italy. God seemed to be tempered tiger, joining Florence, Effenberg joined the team is still not a good performance. Effenberg and Batty, Laudrup, who are well-known star, Florence was downgraded. After the second season to help the Purple Jade upgrade, Effenberg returned to the Bundesliga to join Borussia.

94 World Cup in the middle finger incident

Tiger career eventful summer in the summer of 1994, on behalf of the German national team in 1994, he participated in the World Cup held in the United States, in the group stage 3-2 victory over South Korea's game, Effenberg extremely calmly The fans make the vertical middle of the action, it is the coach Berti Vogts expelled from the national team. The middle finger incident ruined the international career of Tiger Houlibeike such as coach several times invited Tiger to return to the squad have not been successful, the rebellious Tiger determined to focus all left the club.

Return to Bayern into legend

In 1994-1998, Effenberg returned to Bayern Munich Jersey Wholesale  Borussia comeback. It is noteworthy that although the tiger twice the effectiveness of Bayern Munich and Borussia in Bayern much glory in the Borussia, but in his heart on the Borussia is more emotional: "I signed here The first professional contract, but my children are born here. "his final testimonial is also Borussia, rather than Munich.

Tiger's career trajectory, there is a very interesting phenomenon, that is, his transfer of the contest year, for example, in 1990 he joined Bayern in 1992 European Cup, but went to Italy, followed by 1994 Back to Borussia, the summer of 1998, Effenberg transfer weight away eight years ago, the road – to join Bayern.

Bayern hired Ottmar Hitzfeld as coach, hope handsome after he took office the first requirement is to buy Effenberg. Dortmund coach, hope handsome tiger very much appreciate. Hitzfeld often appreciate the leadership of the Tiger captain: "Stephen has steered the team, while the team is also dependent on him. He not only has a full understanding of their teammates, covered all the time lingers issued a the light of the kinds of self-confidence. others hiding place, Effenberg own stage show. "

Effenberg back to Bayern was a great success, Bayern has again become a top European giants, he led Bayern 1999-2001 and won three league titles, in 2000 in Germany Cup. 2001 European Champions League and Toyota Cup, reached its peak in his career at Bayern. In the Champions League final in 2001, the 33-year-old Effenberg withstand pressure and fired into the penalty, then roar to celebrate the action to become a classic. When Effenberg has also been named the best player in Europe. 2002 is a competition year, the 34-year-old tiger to leave Bayern, ending his career with the most glorious period of the journey. In 2004, the 36-year-old Tiger announced his retirement.

Has not been taught, first when my grandfather

Effenberg after retirement and did not completely leave football, most of the time he participated in the television commentary and writing a column. Last year, he has been involved in Bayern Munich Jersey Home the Borussia manager campaign, and put forward their own reform program. But more than the final scene of the 4700 the Borussia member of the vast majority are opposed to Tiger radical Effenberg unsuccessful. After his defeat, Effenberg hails – Davis Weller College, and Shaw, Worns and other people to participate in the States Football Association's learn together. In March of this year, they get a coach license, with the coach of Bundesliga teams qualifications. Before receipt of the invitation for coach Effenberg was the first in another area of ??the new harvest, his daughter Natasha gave birth to a child last week, Tiger age of 43, lunch on my grandfather. And his boyfriend broke up in pregnancy Hounuotasuo already, the daughter of the "tiger" only single-handedly raising their children, but Effenberg and his wife Claudia said they will spare no efforts to help raising their daughter grandchildren.


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