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Double Wammy at FDA


Double Wammy at FDA

 and  wrote a recent article in WAPO entitled "FDA staffers sue agency over surveillance of personal e-mail"  According to the article the FDA was secretly monitoring its own scientists after they blew the whistle to Congress.  Background on the FDA spy program can be found here    

Not only is the FDA spying on its own people but its also disregarding the legislative intent of Congress.  Michelle Minton, a fellow, at the Competitive Enterprise Institute blogged at WAPO on how the FDA via its recently released guidelines on dietary supplements "undermines the statutory framework for regulating such supplements ( DSHEA).  

That's not just according to her or the industry and consumer advovates but also Senators Tom Harkin ( D-Ioway) and Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) who wrote a stronly worded letter to the FDA this week on the subject.   Maybe a third big issue will emerge and we can have three strikes and its out.



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