fake Christians begin to turn tablet computer

Software for enterprise users is very important,  fake christian louboutins such as video conference application, they have started to look for application in the apple iPad and other tablet computer way, this will open tablet computer in the business market potential demand of the great gate.

"With application development and more enterprise applications are used to rewrite the touch screen, we see more enterprise to begin to turn tablet computer." Market research institutions Canalys analyst Tim Kurt spirit (Tim Coulling) said.

Several software companies say they fake christian louboutin have seen a tablet computer of the rapid growth of the application. "We see tablet computer in many highly management of the areas to be rapid popularization, from utilities to financial services, bank and health." Enterprise mobile Technology company Good Technology products and market vice President Dimitri · f g mann (Dimitri Volkmann) said.

This year's global tablet computer sales will reach 119 million units, analysts say, the enterprise will purchase 10% of them. As the "purchase independent equipment" (BYOD) plan further pop, enterprise's tablet computer quantity will improve. The program allows employees choose their equipment, knock off christian louboutin enterprise for its payment.

"In 2012, if you want to win the enterprise market, you first need to win customer." Deloitte TMT research director Duncan Stewart (Duncan Stewart) says. This will be for Microsoft (the Po) and RIM into enterprise market increase the difficulty, fake Christians because consumers prefer to have the industry leading apple iPad and Google Android tablet computer.

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