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China has unswervingly promote  fake christian louboutins reform of the financial sector, and to promote the development of the financial industry reform and stable. Since 2003, successively push and completion of the main large financial institutions of financial restructuring, the introduction of strategic investors, public and a series of landmark major financial reform. As the reform further, large financial institutions financial index continues to improve, corporate governance, risk management ability constantly standard significantly increased. In the process, Chinese financial industry and the financial market implementing related international standard constantly improve the degree of the. In the "emerging" and a "transition" double background, the country's financial system has made a great progress, the financial system is remarkable increase of conservatism, fake christian louboutin effective against the international financial crisis hit.
Through the strict implementation of international standards and guidelines, dramatically increase effectiveness supervision. In the banking industry, establish the high quality prudent supervision regulations system, improve the supervisory ability, banking financial institutions corporate governance and risk management level increased significantly; In the capital market, knock off christian louboutin rolled out equity division reform, stock index futures trading, set up the third party save tube system and the securities firm based on risk of net capital requirements, etc, and to improve the transparency of the market, strengthen the financial stabilization of intermediary institutions; In the insurance business, founded more complete regulatory framework in the supervision execution, classified regulation, regulatory cooperation, information sharing, fake Christians consumer protection, etc have achieved remarkable results.

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