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Faux POTUS Admin lets Chicoms buy 1/3 stake in USA gas and oil deposits, but won’t let Keystone Pipeline go through


Faux POTUS Admin lets Chicoms buy 1/3 stake in USA gas and oil deposits, but won’t let Keystone Pipeline go through

     The only new jobs are in China and India. The Keystone Pipeline deal would have brought jobs to the USA, even just a few. But Marxist O said no to Keystone and yes to his Marxist Chicom comrades. Besides, O worked hard to keep all news of the economy, real unemployment, and how the Chinese are buying USA banks as well off the airwaves because gay marraige, that tiny sliver of a sliver of the population of the whole country is so much more important. He cares so much about us he needs to keep us distracted from what really matters.


Why Is The Obama Administration Allowing The Chinese Government To Buy Up U.S. Oil And Gas Deposits Worth Billions Of Dollars?

     If a free press were to suddenly appear in the USA, even for a day, what would they say? Lets say there was a game show "Free Press for a Day" modeled after the old game show "Strike it rich" on radio and TV from '47 to '58 or as I remember it the show "Queen for a Day" though I was young and only remember the winner walked around with a crown on their head, royal robe and a scepter. Whoever won my imaginary game show would get to operate a news service for 1 day that had access to any true source they needed, even sources within the US Govt. . I know what I would go after if it were ever to happen.

     My Free Press for a Day news organization would write stories on the following stories of national interest provided I had access to true sources:

1)Unemployment rate really is 22%, not 8.1%. Everyone gets counted. 

2) Obama : Constitutionally qualified or not to be POTUS? Lets see all the evidence including his personal past documents such as school records, student loan aplications, etc. Just like Sheriff Joe, I doubt he is qualified even though I would have wanted him to be, I think the evidence would show he is not.

3)Equal rights is in the news lately. Run a story on Obama using gay marraige to distract the news from the economy, unemployment, increased food stamp usage, etc. And his pandering to every group he can while ignoring more important things like economic policy conducive to private sector job growth.

4)Electronic voting machines. Everyone thinks they are rigged to flip the popular vote. A big expose on that.

5)Goldman Sachs the giant squid on humanities face literally runs the US and Europe. 1 day of news about that. To big to jail, they get away with financial murder every day.

6)Federal Reserve and Presidents working group on financial markets, how they control it all. How they collude to siphon wealth away from USA citizens to the banks.

7)Sound money and what an honest credit system would look like vs the fractional reserve we have.

 8)A complete list of the Congressional legislation and executive orders that are unconstitutional. Govt has an almost undisputed monopoly on stomping on the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. What a news story. Talk about a boot stomping on the face of freedom and you have to talk about how our own Congress is killing the bill of rights and the Constitution.

9) A true expose story on why no one has been prosecuted for a financial crime since this banker bailout began in 2008. William K. Black knows all about this. He saw to it that about 1500 bank execs. got locked up in the savings and loan scandal back in the late 1980's and early 1990s.

10) The Bilderberg group selecting who is POTUS, staged wars, price of oil, etc. The agenda setters and how they do it once a year. What a story that would be.

11) On behalf of the families who lost members on 9/11 and all America, a real expose on who was behind attacks of 9/11. Its really difficult to stomach the official Govt. version of 9/11. Believing the official version leaves me in a state of mind where I am dangerously susceptible to purchasing florida swampland to build my house on.





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