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Fundamental Change In Washington


Fundamental Change In Washington

   There is a pressing need for fundamental change in Washington DC or the Federal Government. President Obama promised such change but couldn't deliver it. Except for "Obama care" his policies were all continuations of the Bush Administration policies. The mechanics of the Obama Admistration were a mirror of the Bush Administration, i.e. abuse of Executive privilege, crony capitalism, no transparency in doing the business of the Federal Government.

   It appears that Mitt Romney will win the GOP Presidential nomination but in my opinion nothing fundamentally will be changed in Washington in a Romney Adminstration or for that matter any of the other GOP candidates for President with the exception of congressman Ron Paul, who won't get the nomination.

  In 2012 if the Libertarian Party nominee is a good one, (not like the 2008 Libertarian candidate, Bob Barr) I will be voting my principles in protest of the two party "no different from the other one" system that never brings fundamental change to Washington.


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