Gaudeamus Ignoratio

My title is lousy Latin--it's supposed to mean "In Praise of Ignorance" but if it doesn't actually mean that, who cares? This is the Era of the Ignoranus : the non-thinking, unaware, sphincter-like person who emits pollution automatically into the environment for the rest of us to step in. Our standards have sunk so low that it scarcely matters whether anyone's language is flawless or not.

Case in point: The mouthy Ms. Ann Coulter is at it again in today's paper, flailing away at the evolutionary straw man she created. Problem is, Ms. Coulter doesn’t understand anything more about evolution than an Amphioxus does, nor does she seem to want to. In that respect she resembles President Obama, who knows approximately diddly squat about healing the sick and appears not to give a damn about understanding how our corrupt, crony-capitalism-based "health" system actually works. At least, Ann Coulter's glib falsehoods are less dangerous than Obama's, because he, not she, has the bully pulpit.

Nowadays, when you want information about something, it seems you need only ask the question: "Got Dilettantes?" Yes, indeed; so who needs trained experts anymore?


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