Gerrard For Liverpool Jersey the triple play Everton said Cup derby the pride of Liverpool City

Gerrard For  Liverpool Jersey  the triple play Everton said Cup derby the pride of Liverpool City

Saturday, Liverpool and Everton at Wembley Stadium in the FA Cup semi-final contention, Gerrard believes that Liverpool city to be proud of in this season in the league dual-kill "Toffee sugar ", Steven Gerrard hopes to complete the triple play city rivals feat.

Liverpool and Everton has been 23 years did not meet at Wembley Stadium over this weekend, Steven Gerrard will lead the Red Army to usher in this returning to the Cup Derby, Gerrard told Liverpool's official website, "will once again lead the team into Wembley, for me, is a proud day, This is also the pride of Liverpool City. this game is a duel of two major club teams in the FA Cup has a good play, perhaps the most strong team will win. "

"This is a major match, Liverpool has been a long time there is no showdown with Everton at Wembley, so this is a great opportunity for the fans this is another of our players important race, we need to try to forget against Everton, we must concentrate on the game above, we will be ready. "

In March, Steven Gerrard Liverpool player since 1935, first in the derby hat-trick, his hat-trick to help the Red Army of the season in the league dual-kill Everton, now third time this season to usher in this city rivals, Gerrard hopes to once again win.

"This season we have twice defeated Everton, which should give us confidence, but we need to play at Wembley, the same level in order to achieve the same results and we believe we have the strength of victory, but we all one needs to have a good play, everyone has to Liverpool Soccer Jersey  play out their own level. broke into two cup final in a season is a fantastic achievement. "

"We know that not too far away is very important, although the game at Wembley, but this is still only a semi-final before the finals, we still have a huge barrier is not crossed, and we believe we can beat any opponent, which of course include Everton, we have to do is make sure that we prepare, we should concentrate on the game above.

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