Gold and Silver Scams! Be aware!

As of late many opportunities have come up to get your physical silver and gold purchases started. I won't go into detail about my own personal investment practices (not sure who's reading--) however I went into most of my investments trusting the person I was working the deal out with. Luckily, I wasn't dooped into spending far too much on far too little. I know people who have.

I want to encourage all of you to start reading into your options when it comes to buying precious metals as a hedge against inflation, a temporary investment, or something you want to use to barter with once the economy tanks. I recently read a great report, by Peter Schiff, that helped me understand and identify popular scams that are out there. Since precious metals are becoming more of a mainstream haven for investments you have to watch out for fraud. It exists, be ready to detect it.

So spread the news to friends and family who are interested in getting started or who maybe had a bad experience the first time around. There are honest places and investing in precious metals seems to be a great decision, thus far. Join the Gold Scams Facebook Page for more details on stories, fraudulent companies listed by name, and just go and post a question to be answered!


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