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Homelessness Perpetuates Itself!


Homelessness Perpetuates Itself!

There’s a difference between

doing something about the Homeless,

 and doing something FOR the Homeless!!

Consider, maybe, doing something about the causes of

the- INCREASE   in Homelessness!?

First,  you struggle to save enough for a down payment to buy, and to acquire affordable payments.  If you’re fortunate to be exclusive from lost job security or downsizing, wage decreases, or personal type problems in family like credit, medical, rent or other expense increases doesn't disrupt the financial plans (?), you endeavor to struggle.  By moving to a smaller location (temporarily of course) expecting it to cost less, then you’ll probably need to store some of your "stuff” (hopefully somewhat non-essentials) in a min-storage.  This common method (attempt) merely becomes the first step in losing your “stuff”  -  of course,  then the upside is  -  you will have less “stuff” to worry about.

You expect that by exerting yourself for a few months with a second job or put in overtime will reach the goal.  This usually enhances stress levels (especially if others in the family are also “pushing the envelope” to help), contributing to frustration and all the other wholesome ingredients that affect the harmony in relationships as we increasingly hear about, (just to make it all worthwhile)!?  The national figures show the record breaking results of these ingredients and somehow it is still never quite enough.  If your job does downsize (and/or  no longer needs your field of expertise – you’ll notice that just "any-kind-of-job" won't maintain even moderate expenses.  Particularly when you don't live somewhere, even those jobs become less accessible.  Ultimately, as the epiphany is revealed – you are no longer trying to get ahead – it’s even become futile to just try to stay afloat ! Sound  familiar yet??    Of course,  not everyone is  that  unfortunate  -  some have had it – worse !?

Some folks actually (finally) get into a place, fix up some customized preferences,  after which unexpected events happen like – rise in interest rates, closing costs, balloon payments, weather damages and previously unforeseen repairs, etc.  Then,  any one of the additional surprises:   job downsizing, babies,  illnesses, accidents, unexpected repairs on the house or vehicles and ultimately the extremities of fatigue and well being collectively will sabotage foresight and means to facilitate corrective resources.    After the next step (down),  like many of the over 3 million citizens who  became homeless during the couple years prior to Katrina  (let alone  the over 2 million  since then)manage to escape the elements by resorting to living in vehicles etc.   These circumstances don’t do much for appearance much less esteem when applying for even that “any-kind-of-job”,  then inevitably either a break-down, repo,  or registration & insurance problems occur.  After that happens, a shopping cart with your remaining “stuff”  being taken away from you will be easier to accept.  Oh yes!   While looking for that "any-kind-of-job" that won’t even  cover housing costs  (let alone move in expenses)  you will only keep the stuff you can carry with  you, since you will  lose everything else when the cops raid your camp.  Who  would you think these folks  were / are ??  AND  who will the  NEXT  2 million be !?

To now create a crime for homeless citizens victimized by deliberate economic imbalances, who try to live within their means while recovering, are being victimized  AGAIN!!    Speak up now   to  rescind these laws  that skirt around the abolishment of former vagrancy laws because afterwards,  no one will listen to  you  either  when you also  become  just another one of  - them ” !?    

I am    A. John Doe Homeless   

On Strike against unfair Housing Costs!


Posted June 30, 1994

Revised Nov 30, 2005



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