How to gather support.

      I have been sign waving for a while now. The most interesting times are when I am alone on the intersection. This is when I crunch numbers of support,(and dis-approval) then I separate the types of supporters into groups. My conclusions are as follows. : If I just stand there not moving:

About 5% show positive energy(mostly age 55 or less,and seem more intellegent)

About 1% are very energetic(mostly age 45 or less, and less intellegent)(this must include me i'm holding a sign on a corner?)

About 2% are negative (mostly very negative)(Mostly 65 plus white females)

About 40 % of the black are positive (this was amazing and hard to understand)

less  than 1% hispanic or other

When I waved and smilled energetically,all numbers more than doubled.(I dont believe this number represents the true support, just kind people.)

In conclusion: Waving is more fun ,and sure to attract more newcomers, also and this is fact!!! If black folks were the only ones allowed to vote I could be doing other things right now ,like building an exit poll box!!and counting the numbers with glee.


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