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Iraq Adieu


Iraq Adieu

There have been a number of reports of Iraqis burning American flags as the last US troops departed from their bases in Iraq.  They must have really enjoyed the experience of being under occupation for the past eight years, particularly the way we destroyed their infrastructure during the invasion so that they have less electricity and clean water than they did under Saddam.  And those bomb blast concrete walls that divide up Baghdad really look neat. 

This morning Senator John McCain said that not leaving a US garrison behind in Iraq will mean that we are in danger of "losing all that we have gained" from the invasion and occupation.  Iraq under Saddam was the enemy of Iran, now it is a friend and it has also changed from a Sunni dominated dictatorship to a Shi'a dominated dictatorship, so I am wondering what those gains were.  Perhaps the Senator will enlighten us during his future pronouncements on foreign policy.  Oh, by the way, the Senator is calling for regime change in Syria. 


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