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Join the CRUSADE OF CHOCOLATE CONSERVATIVES today! You want a lifetime of Obamacare Death Panels? just vote your conscious


Join the CRUSADE OF CHOCOLATE CONSERVATIVES today! You want a lifetime of Obamacare Death Panels? just vote your conscious

Anybody can join but unless you are an ELITE SCUMBAG already you only get to be a Junior CHOCOLATE CONSERVATIVE CRUSADER which still gives you the right to melt down in front of everyone to reveal your character as a wannbe ELITE SCUMBAGER! You can even rub shoulders with the already SCUMBAG Demoncats in your neighborhood and you can all love the Obamacare Death Panels together!

The CHOCOLATE CONSERVATIVE Justice Roberts gave you the gift that doesn't stop killing: DEATH PANELS!

     He gave you much more, end of life counseling every 5 years! 21 new taxes! Bottom line, he gave us DEATH masqaurading as Affordable Health Care. Of course he and his SCUMBAG ELITISTS on the SATANIC High Court will never have to worry about it since they have a totally different health care plan!

So join the CRUSADE OF CHOCOLATE CONSERVATIVES to put Obamacare Death Panelists back into office this November and vote your conscience!

Or , Ron Paul can find common ground with Romney , the globalist. What a choice. Vote your conscious and you'll get a lifetime of Obamacare Death Panels or suck it up and get someone to beat Obama! And vote out of office Obama as well as the Senate Death Panelist Demoncats!

I saw the deluded Dems marching out of the House of Reps because Holder wanted to keep hiding the Fast and Furious documents and perhaps the Republicans wanted the dirty truth from the documents out in public.

     The Dems, who ganged up on America and shoved Obamacare Death Panels down our throats and said it was Affordable Health Care for the uninsured!  The poor uninsured will get their Death Panels also and become the unliving, the unbreathing, the dead. It looks like the Demoncats want to kill off the old people fast, steal their money and distribute it to the poor suckers who will end up just as dead from the Death Panelists and probably much sooner after modern medicine gets its hands on them.

     Of course the Demoncats I saw marching out hand in hand have a health care plan that will never, ever, ever, make them subject to the Obamacare Death Panelists. The Demoncats I saw marching hand in hand are the same ELITISTS as the CHOCOLATE CONSERVATIVE Roberts!

     Why did the Demon(cat)s give us the Death Panels? They have no respect for Gods gift of life. Thats why. They love Death. More to the point, they love my Death, your Death, everyone elses Death. Which is why they created Death Panels. But of course, the Demoncats in Congress will not be subject to Death Panels.

see link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/26/sarah-palin-death-panels_n_1627197.html

Sarah Palin Returns To 'Death Panel' Criticism Ahead Of Supreme Court Ruling On Health Care

     What a choice, be a CHOCOLATE CONSERVATIVE like Roberts who has the ELITIST consciousness or vote my conscious against all things evil , a vote against Obama but also against Romney or vote for the Republican  Romney, a globalist but one who says he will do away with Obama's loving Death/Murder Panels.

     At this juncture, it really is a vote for the lesser of two evils, the evil murderers of Obama and the Obama Death Boards versus the evil globalist who promises to get rid of Obamacare.

     I can't live with the Obama Death/Murder Panels, but I can live , maybe not in total peace but better peace with a Republican Romney who will get rid of Obama care. Of course, it can only be successful with voting the Demoncats out of the Senate as well.

     Bottom line, before the Republican Convention, Paul and Paul supporters will have to find or somehow invent some common ground with Romney, the presumptive chosen establishment candidate who some say is the person who originated Obamacare. But I can't believe Romney also had Death Panels in mind. He may have been stupid and bought the insurance company line to some extent, but not as far as Death Panels. Conversely, Romney will have to do the same if he is smart and get some common ground and compromise with Paul and Paul supporters. Romney could get a lot more votes if he only recognizes the Paul supporters are lightning in a bottle.  I see no other way. Wise up. Get the more evil Demoncats out of office or be prepared to face a Obamacare Death Panel in your later years or sooner.


Cognitive Dissonance in the O camp or just further proof Obama wants his cake and eat it to.

link: http://www.politico.com/politico44/2012/06/obama-campaign-its-a-penalty-not-a-tax-127721.html


Obama campaign: It's a penalty, not a tax


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