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Join the REVOLUTION 2011 – On Earth WE Bring Heaven http://www.revolution2011.org


Join the REVOLUTION 2011 – On Earth WE Bring Heaven http://www.revolution2011.org

                                                        REVOLUTIONARY  TIMES
These are truly Revolutionary times.  First, our beloved Mother Earth is revolting against all the devastation that has been caused by the negativity resulting from all the sources of monstrous damage to her physically and emotionally. The once fertile soils are gone because of our mono-crop farming.  The deserts are a result of our mono-crop forestry and deforestation.   Many sea and river plants and fish are dying from pollution of oil, mining, chemical plants; and, some are dying from  the added CO2 dissolved into the  water from  our fossil fuel use.

 For eons, this great, alive and loving being has 'allowed' our  human greed, hatreds, brutality, wars, the rape and pillage of the natural resources, and the pollution of the industrial age.  But now Mother Earth is in revolt to save herself, and all the life forms, which live and are a part of her…. from death!  You see the violent weather, earthquakes, ,tsunamis and volcanic actions are to bring 'balance' and return Mother Earth to renewed health.    Did you not notice that the damage in Japan was to the industrial areas, the whaling industry,  an oil refinery and the nuclear plants?  It is time we humans realize that Earth is an alive and great being;  She is our beloved Mother and she's in great pain! She is restoring herself to health.  Let us change our ways NOW and help her.  Let us LOVE her back to life! Let us reduce our fossil  and nuclear fuel usage, develop new energy sources, recycle, stop all pollution, treat plants and animals righteously  and adopt Permaculture models of diversity for agriculture and forestry.
 Second,  People  Revolutions have begun….the masses of humanity are revolting against the elitists which for thousands of years, through governments and religions,  have exerted their 'control'  and 'power' over the common people.  These elitist  tyrants have used  their central banking system, their  huge corporate structures,  their ‘bought’ politicians,  their media  and their dogmatic religions  to control the masses.  However, because of the internet they are being exposed.  No longer 'hoodwinked',   the masses of humanity are finally waking up and revolting!  Case in point, the Wisconsin 'labor rights movement’, the numerous 'peace and justice’  anti-war demonstrations,  the 'mass demonstrations’ in the Middle East, the Oil Sands Pipeline demonstrations and the present  Occupy Wall Street  protests .
In this, their last battle to control..  the elitists continue their use of  'divide and conquer' and  the creation of irrational  'fear'…..  We against them and the 'fear' of them.  History shows us that this method did work  well for the ‘ruling classes’  in the past…..men vs. women, whites vs, blacks, rich vs, poor, Christians vs. Muslims, Britain vs, France, Democracy vs, Socialism, Republicans vs, Democrats etc.
All of us must keep alert and aware of their ‘divide and conquer' and  'fear' tactics.   For example, are you aware that the elitists are cleverly instilling an irrational ‘fear of Muslim terrorists’ to get  the  Right-wing Republicans, with their  Old Testament view of a vengeful Jehovah God, to demand that Congress reinforce the immoral and brutal wars and military spending which adds profits to their  banks and corporations?  Right now their Republican,  puppet politicians  are diverting the attention of the American citizens off military spending and  onto slashing  social service spending!.  What about Christ’s  command to  - feed the poor, cure the ill?  No,  American government is to 'act like insecure Jehovah' and slaughter our enemies…you know kill them brutally because- they don't believe the way we do!? 
 Be wise my fellow Americans.  Do not be stupid or afraid.  You must choose.  Are you wise to the manipulations or are you afraid to boldly wake up?  I ask you, “Why are you still wishing to remain  asleep? “  Are you waiting for someone else to save you like  Jesus or  our enlightened alien brothers.  Why are you not thinking about saving yourself?  Why don't you  make the time in your schedule to reason these things out for yourself, let alone work on saving yourself  and your family from the coming economic and ecological disasters!  Suggestion:  Stop watching T.V. for a week.  You'll be amazed at the extra 'time' you will have to think, plan and act upon the current crises.
Please ‘see things as they are’!  Ever since the fall of women, men as clerics, kings, barbarians and more recently bankers, CEOs and politicians have forced their control on others.  As a woman who has reasoned and investigated the situation I beg those men in power to stop the rape and pillage of our Mother Earth.  Stop your greed,  your lust for power and  your illegal, immoral and inhuman actions.  I beg you to change. ..NOW.   I ask you to instead ‘create’  with me  a FUTURE of equality for all the people of the world.  Let us move from that PAST and together ‘create’ a  FUTURE of Peace, Health, Happiness, and Abundance for Mother Earth and all her creatures.; for …  WE  ARE  ONE!
 I invite you to join the new American  REVOLUTION 2011 -  On Earth  WE  Bring Heaven        

                                  REVOLUTION 2011 – On Earth WE Bring Heaven

Together We the People must stand firm and demand that 545 Elected Officials of the U.S. Federal Government govern fearlessly, morally and compassionately for, the current State of Governance is threatening the Life, Safety and Happiness of our Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.
1) End of the immoral and illegal Iraq and Afghanistan wars and the immediate return home of our beloved men and women in the U.S. armed forces.

2) No more tax money for Pentagon endorsed Weapons of Mass Destruction and Secret Projects.

3) Become a Republic as envisioned in the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

4) Corporations and financial institutions must be licensed and closely regulated with fiduciary responsibility for and goal of providing Safety and Happiness of our Mother Earth and her inhabitants.

5) Public funding of federal elections made law.

6) Repeal of the charter which gave the control of our money to the private Federal Reserve Bank and the return of the control of our money system to The People.

7) Open governance …including Disclosure of Secret Projects and alien presence past and current in our world.

Email and CALL/SHOUT these 7 demands DAILY to your three Congressmen –

                                                  That is how we protest in America!!


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