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At the same time,fake bikini the financial infrastructure is increasingly perfect. China's modernization construction completion of the payment system, to the banking system, individuals, companies and financial markets provide a quick, efficient, safe, reliable and settlement services; In the past twenty years, China securities and futures market grows steadily, and securities settlement system has played an important role. China securities settlement system and pay well kept related standards and norms.
Subject to the limitations of the analysis framework and resources and other reasons,knock off bikini the assessment report also has failed to fully understand the individual Chinese economic development stage and characteristics of the situation, on the whole, put forward many Suggestions of assessment report to perfect China's financial system still has important reference value. We wish to on the basis of international financial organizations and deepen cooperation and exchanges, and actively use for reference the report useful advice, men bikinis swimwear serious search insufficiency, continue to promote China's financial industry deepen reforms, improve financial stability and crisis management framework, strengthen the financial industry regulatory effectiveness, further improve the financial infrastructure, improve the financial service level,juicy couture slipper and support the smooth and healthy development of the national economy.

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