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Along with the science and technology of increasingly powerful,fake bikini is currently in the mobile phone industry in high-end machines have been equipped with dual-core processor most, but after all costs will heighten high configuration, so it's not as most people's consumption object, it is at present the trend looks mononuclear cell phones have been can meet the needs of many people, use rise is not better than dual-core machines slow how much,replica bikini some even better than dual-core cell phones, for everyone today small make up recommend a few mononuclear high processor of mobile phones, for 1 GHz main frequency enough and don't want to address the high cost of friend that is worth to recommend.
Look, samsung i8150 size of 115.5 x59.8 x11.4 mm, weighing about 112 g, very thin. The modelling is very fruity, almost no edge horn feeling. Positive to the bottom of the central committee of the Home button is still take physical design, only slightly reduced width. Because of the position, so the screen resolution for the 480 x 800 pixels 3.7-inch TFT material screen, juicy couture slipper but show effect and the feel is still very good. The rules on the back of a tiny particles convex, bring good prevent slippery effect and comfortable feel.

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