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knock off bikini will be a large investment


knock off bikini will be a large investment

PRC was established in 1997,oakley knockoffs the predecessor for People's Daily online edition, has now developed into a separate news site editors right, now has 800 reporters and editors, and has more than 100 zhang ministry. At present, the PRC's main business including advertising and promotional service, information service, mobile value-added services and technical services, including advertising and promotion service business and information service business income people net total share main income 90% the left and right sides, mobile value-added business income is about 10% of.

According to ChenZhiXia introduction, knock off oakleys people net a single web page advertising prices higher than your business web site, with sina, for example, the same advertising costs only people net price position for the 75%; And PRC advertising growth mainly comes from local advertising growth, 2011 from local AD revenue for 30 million yuan, in 2010 for 8 million yuan, expected this year to 65 million yuan.

ChenZhiXia also introduces, sina, netease websites such as advertising revenues most from channel (advertising agency), business income accounts for 70% or more than; But last year the business income people net channels than accounts for only 30%. This year will be a large investment in the channel construction, plan to use 2 years will channel of income than increased from 50% to.

ChenZhiXia says, replica oakleys free shipping people net from April and October two refiners advertising, advertising growth at around 20% a year, it will be part of the future advertising revenue increment.


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