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Lampard can go with Chelsea


Lampard can go with Chelsea

Home game against Manchester City, Chelsea history has been dominated by absolute advantage. The two side’s last six games against the Stamford Bridge, Chelsea have won five of the field, and enter the 21st century; 11 times a guest at Manchester City at Stamford Bridge had only made four points. But the so-called three decades east, west three years, and now the Blue Moon team has been a leader in the Premier League, leading the second round of their Manchester United before the game 5 points, ahead of Chelsea is reached 10 points. Start of the race today, less than 2 minutes on the ballot for the visitors into the ball. If the score remained to midfield, then Chelsea will be 13 points behind Manchester City, not to Christmas, the Blues will lose a champion of hope.

But the key moment, a Meireleis come forward Nuevas PSG camisetas de juventud . 34 minutes, Stuart Ridge on the right ball, the bottom line after the low-lying near the breaking ball to Krishna Road, the former point was Lescott pegged Drogba missed the ball, behind the hole par Nepalese was about to destroy, suddenly Meireleis sprang from his body before the ball Dianshe network for the Chelsea match.a

The goal is Meireleis in the Premier League for Chelsea scored the first goal. As a people the impression that defensive midfielder, Meireleis goal was limited, but today the leader in front of goal, but it is one of the weightiest. Last season Liverpool Meireleis five goals were scored, one of which is the local derby with Everton, the other is the 1-0 league victory over Chelsea's only goal; no wonder he end of last season was named the Professional Footballers' Association best of the season. Chelsea came after the defense Meireleis completes their tasks in the same time, more play series midfield role. Such as today's game, according to the technology OPTA statistics, he had 42 passes, an 88.1% accuracy rate, is the starting front court players in the highest. Which to Ashley – Cole 8 pass, to pass Romeu 7 times, 6 times to pass Stewart Ridge, and to pass it reached Matta 11. 49 minutes, steals Ramirez after the forward pass to a midfielder Didier Drogba, who crosses the center line near the allocated Meireleis, while the other two face the attack, the Portuguese back to the light the Romeu, this ball "choice" out. In the completion of their mission, Meireleis did not forget to put pressure on the opponent's fans Camiseta do Manchester United . Today Chelsea team shot 16 times, completed Meireleis himself four times, and has made a goal Camisetas De F


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