"Let's Move"--far away from uninformed choices and faux assumptions


STUPIDEST WOMAN on Faux News has to be Laura Ingraham. Last night (3/13/120), subbing for Bill O’Reilly, she railed against Michelle Obama's Let’s Move and the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, telling viewers that informing parents and kids of good nutritional choices is not a proper function of Gov’t, and besides, it's too costly!


No, Laura. Education has been a proper function of government for centuries. It's not all that expensive, either. Want to know what's expensive? Warfare! Welfare! Sickness care (like Obamacare)!--necessitated by corporate-promulgated bad health habits, like those responsible for our dual epidemics of obesity and diabetes. Natural health is a natural right (as opposed to sickness care, which isn't), so why does Laura loathe the idea of telling people how they can attain and preserve it?


Laura won't have any of that stuff because she asserts that she believes in "freedom". It's a peculiar brand of freedom she favors, a freedom to make choices without any awareness of what all the choices are, and unfettered by any knowledge of the consequences of any choice. Sort of like Russian roulette with your health. "Faux" news, indeed! 


This is a non-partisan issue, and I'm not in any sense endorsing President Obama by supporting a beneficial thing that his wife wants, any more than agreeing with Eleanor Roosevelt would have been endorsing FDR, back when Eleanor invited Marian Anderson to sing at the Lincoln Memorial. (I'll bet FDR hated that.) I am endorsing the ideals of self-care and self-ownership, and the right to the natural health innate in a human being. I served two terms on the Los Angeles County Task Force on Nutrition, an advisory body created by Supervisor Mike Antonovich, whom nobody could describe as a paragon of liberalism.  

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