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Letter to Rand Paul about the Popular Vote/ Fair Taxation/ War Machine Waste


Letter to Rand Paul about the Popular Vote/ Fair Taxation/ War Machine Waste

Senator Paul, I have a handful of very important questions to ask you:

1. Will you sign the online petition to pass an amendment to abolish the Electoral College?

2. Would you do me the honor of reading my five editorials condemning the current voting process for the presidency? (Forgive me for being a left of center Libertarian instead of a purely free market disciple)

3. Like your father, I believe that income, estate and property taxes are immoral; so I propose (similar to Mr. Cain) a national sales tax of ten percent (simultaneously eliminating all state sales taxes), a flat business tax (meaning zero loopholes, write offs and tax breaks) of twenty percent (hopefully to be reduced to fifteen and the ten percent once there is a surplus instead of a mass deficit) and modest tolls/ highway taxes that would go directly to repairing our crumbling infrastructure (replacing the crony oligarchic system with the return of the Public Works model where the poor are the beneficiaries of valid work projects instead of giving taxpayer money to corporations). Your input on my layman's economic plan would be greatly appreciated since this appears to be your area of expertise. What percent for capital gains tax would you suggest?

4. Also like your father, I believe the military contracts perpetually given for offensive weapons are legalized theft especially when you consider that a vast amount of the overpriced war products were never needed (by the U.S. Armed Forces and were consequently sold to other countries or just mothballed) and a large amount of them did not even work at all (some of the work was so inept it actually killed our soldiers) but the taxpayers were still stuck with the extravagant costs while the warprofiteers kept kicking back part of their hauls to the warmongering politicians who kept feeding the public a heavy dish of fear and paranoia. So I propose that a freeze on all offensive weapons be enacted and no more contracts for weapons that do not work properly- do you support this "radical" proposal?

5. The one major deficiency in your father's platform is the lack of job programs in the most important areas: specifically the lack of security on borders and coasts plus the failure to check all the cargo containers coming into our ports (only a tiny percentage of them are currently checked but that will change dramatically once some evildoer smuggles in a weapon of mass destruction) and not checking every vehicle leaving the USA (this actually encourages drug running, kidnapping/ sex slavery, murder and other criminal activities). I know that you and your father take great pride in being "pure" Libertarians so these job programs go somewhat against your tenets; but I humbly ask you to consider how much better and safer our society could be if we could manage to convince the majority of Americans to shrink the military-industrial complex while expanding the Border Patrol, Coast Guard and Port Authority?

                                                                                                      Herk Singh

                                                                                                      May 10, 2012







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