Life on Mars: America from outside the bubble


Hum...where to begin? In last week's Bill Maher's 'real time...' episode, there was a small segment about a republican inside a bubble, living inmune to reality, shielded in his own stupidity. It was funny, and I laughed with it. At the same time, this whole Maine votting 'fraud' was going on, and I started wondering if that bubble isn't really covering the entire nation...

One may oppose some of Dr. Paul's ideas for any given reason, but nevertheless, no one should feel discouraged by his freedom inspired peaceful philosophy. So why is the GOP party doing everything (including rigged caucases) to put his campaign down? Why are they so afraid of him?

I'm an european and let me tell you that if what happened in Maine had happened in Spain or France or Portugal...the shit would have hited the fan for sure. Rigged elections?? WTF? And you still think you live in a democratic republic?? But for my dismay, nothing happens, people just don't care enough to do anything. They really don't. It's like americans live in Mars, far away from the earth, inside a stupidity full bubble.

to be continued...

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