Limited Government Non-interventionism

America needs jobs. A government committed to free enterprise, limited government, and individual freedom, and not to more borrowing and spending, can properly help. To help unleash the private sector to invest and create jobs, Congress should promptly take five specific actions: enact the New Flat Tax, free America's energy resources, grant effective free trade negotiating authority, stop excessive government regulation, and end the artificially high pricing of labor for federal construction projects under the Davis-Bacon Act and government-mandated project labor agreements.

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  President Barack Obama is a Democratic Big Government Progressive favoring entitlements. Former President George W. Bush was a Republican Big Government Neo-Conservative, in my opinion, favoring big defense spending. Limited government should be limited government in everything from entitlements and private business to foreign affairs.

  The one true advocate of limited government among the GOP candidates is Congressman Ron Paul, as I see it. Romney, Gingrich and Santorium are all Big Government Neo-Conservatives who will continue Big Government spending for defense and foreign policy. On principle alone, I will be voting for Ron Paul in the Tennessee GOP primary, even though I know he won't win the nomination, precisely because of his non-interventionist foreign policy. As always, Neo-conservative "war hawks" will prevail over the across the board limited government prescribed by the Constitution as intended by the Founding Fathers, the oringinal foreign policy Non-Interventionists.

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