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Liverpool Jersey Wholesale

Liverpool spell  Liverpool Jersey  plagued the giants of the Premier League relegation team Qi highway relegation scores plummeted

Steve Keane is the most unpopular person in Ewood Park, Blackburn Rovers coach even need a bodyguard in order to come into their own home. But four weeks later, he was likely to harvest enough applause – Christmas is also the bottom of the red rose army, there is hope that following the 2004/05 season, West Brom, Premier League history 2 The Great Escape "Christmas negative squad leader. "

But also the Blackburn fans feel that hope still, they are a relegation Legion last eight only dealing with Liverpool (microblogging) team. From the performance of the Red Army, with QPR and Wigan against the Europa League qualification at hand, and with the Champions League lopsided Red Army's lack of war, again and again to send points. However, from a historical point of view, this is not necessarily good news. The past few seasons down the class horse is almost always followed the victory over Liverpool to downgrade the curse. Middlesbrough for 2008/2009 season, the 2010/11 season, West Ham and Blackpool none escape bad luck this season relegation team in Bolton, QPR and Wigan have overcome the Red Army. But perhaps the end of the season, fans will understand, Liverpool sent how important it is.

Somewhat embarrassing media and fans, this season is likely to create the lowest relegation score in Premiership history. Has 16 field victorious, nearly four net negative 14 goals, only to break into a ball the Wolves in the next eight games to 12 points is almost impossible task. Similarly, the next eight games to experience the traditional six QPR, as well as a series of Liverpool Soccer Jersey  hard-fought Chelsea (microblogging), Manchester United and Arsenal (microblogging) (microblogging) Wigan, the future is also very slim.

Relegation only one integral over the past 10 seasons, 30 less than 28 minutes, the team of the relegation zone only 1 less than 26 minutes. Obviously, for relegation, this is not a enough to make fans satisfied with the season. Record losing sessions, the last remaining dignity only linger Premiership seats.


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