Liverpool to England Jersey Home create a television film in the World Footballer of the first of its kind open to the locker room

Liverpool to  England Jersey Home create a television film in the World Footballer of the first of its kind open to the locker room

     Liverpool's official website on Thursday announced that Liverpool will become the football club of the world's first one on TV. Fox Sports cameras will enter the Red Army locker room filming the six episode documentary movie called "Liverpool: never walk alone". The most secretive public locker room, the Red Army is really the first one to eat crab.

Liverpool Fenway Sports Group acquired thus marked by a strong mark. Announced to North America this summer for pre-season tour, the Red Army and now with Fox Sports to establish a cooperative relationship. Cooperation between the two sides of one of Fox Sports will be filming a Liverpool theme feature documentary.

It is understood that the source of the shooting, is the FA Cup final at Wembley next month, Fox Sports in addition to the great shots in the record on the field, will be at Anfield and Melwood training base in the locker room The players and coaches up close, put a lot of unknown preparations and competitions insider to show to the audience. To England Jersey Away North America this summer and the beginning of the game the next season will be recorded into it.

Fox Sports will employ a multi-Emmy winner, gold producer Scott - Perkins served as producer, this six-episode epic drama documentaries expected to meet with the public in the fall of 2012. An estimated 100 million viewers through the whole picture of this documentary learned Liverpool.

Fox Sports Chairman and CEO David - Hill said, "For every fan on Earth, which is an extraordinary documentary, you can watch one of the greatest club in the world behind the scenes work, which in the previous never had tens of thousands of fans of Liverpool football club in the world, with such an extraordinary club cooperation, we are deeply honored. "

Liverpool Football Club President Tom - Werner pointed out that "I am very pleased that David - Hill, David - the Neisen Sang (Fox Soccer Channel Director) and his Fox team to produce this unique documentary, which will be a concern on the documentary, Liverpool exhibit a lot of unprecedented things for our fans, this is how they understand the club side a good opportunity, we also hope to find more potential fans through this documentary they will understand why Liverpool is so special. "

Liverpool, general manager Ian - Al also said that any support to play for this club, this club people know that Liverpool is unique, Liverpool means a lot to  England Jersey them. Fox Sports cooperation programs to the global Liverpool fans once the opportunity to understand the team working behind the scenes, learn more about our coaching staff, our players, our fans live, which formed the Liverpool Football Club. "

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