Lost our son in Kandahar this week.

Hi C4L,


Today I had to post something here, just feeling hurt and numb.

We were informed our son was killed in Kandahar, Afgahnastan this week.

I didn't know how to control my emotions. After the men told us that he was killed, I became flushed with anger and anxiety. I managed to blurt out something about the illegal war, then asked them to leave. I had way too much anger to handle it appropriately. I showed them to the door, then held my girlfriend (Mother of fallen soldier) until she stopped shedding tears.

The two officials came back with a Police officer, to finish the work (data collection) I had prevented them from doing on the first visit. I them thanked them all and apologized to them for my rough edge, shook their hands goodbye.

I have deleted my facebook profile and every email address of mine except two, this is so I dont get into trouble by posting my heartfelt feelings about our Government, which could be used against me by our Regime. Unfortunately as you all know, we're not in Kansas anymore.

Thank you for your commitment in promoting LIBERTY and Civil Rights. Thank you to all your foot soldiers doing the invaluable work in opposition to the obvious violations to our Human, Civil Liberties and rights.

Thank you,

John Restino.


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