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Milan supernovae AC Milan Jersey Home show that is, its toll of 20 million treasure trove of out of the real thing


Milan supernovae AC Milan Jersey Home show that is, its toll of 20 million treasure trove of out of the real thing

Milan supernovae  AC Milan Jersey Home  show that is, its toll of 20 million treasure trove of out of the real thing

Serious shortage of soldiers in the team line of defense, Allegri had to piece together a starting line of defense against Chievo in Milan. Half of the 19-year-old teenager Matia – Desi Rio, also received the opportunity to put on the Serie A debut, Ming Milan youth academy team defender, is one of the war Milan, only the first team of two backs. Desi Rio played with, Strasser – teenager this season's Serie A opener. The performance of two new stars are qualified.

Desi Leo on September 29, 2011, the first time in the Champions League on behalf of Milan play; December 7, he was the first time on behalf of Milan in the Champions League tournament starting; today, is the first time represent Hong Heijun first-line The team played in Serie A. Three steps, Desi Rio's performance steadily improved, the first battle against the Pilsen victory, he played off the bench three minutes on a big mistake nearly assists opponents; the Second World War, he has improved, has not committed a big mistake, but only law-abiding; the war, he began to kick some of the highlights.

Today, the starters played played a full 19-year-old teenager has proved his talent with 4 steals. Half where he has been Chievo main direction of Desi Rio 30 minutes before the game has been some timid opponents, suppress, but as the game progressed, he began to play getting better and better. After 30 minutes, Desi Leo into his new role, not only continuous the Te Leiao, Perry Corbusier, and others pass off under, but substantial pressure on the participation assists. After 85 minutes, Desi Rio on the right long-range strike 30 meters long distances breakthrough long-range ball close to the lintel above. After the match, "slow motion" to the Desi Rio score of AC Milan Jersey Away 6, said: "Although the last time he played for Milan first team or a full five months before, but the young man's performance worthy of acclaim".

Strasser bench is also end of the game is played, all three passes successfully, up there is a midfielder gorgeous dig crotch steals. Strasser and Desi Rio given the opportunity, indeed Milan suffered 12 serious injury of soldiers shortage. It must be noted that, in the the Allegri era, Milan injuries constantly recurring phenomenon, and devout young man, has become the key to Milan many times carry injury Sheng Sijie.

The middle of the last season, Milan injury problems, Strasser, Merkel two teenager top of, respectively, the goal meritorious deeds, which rose worth. This season, Desi Leo once again seize the opportunity to quick success. In fact, Desi Rio onto the scene, not a surprise, according to the "market" disclosure of Milan's youth academy director, and Adriano Galliani, the beginning of the season on the "Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper clearly states:" This season, Milan's most hope that the outbreak of training young talented Desi Leo, his secret lies in three points: the superior physical, hard-working style of training, good tactics will ". The season hit Desi Rio 3 times played significant progress, as long as Milan give him a chance, then his future worth looking forward to.

Even if Milan do not give the Desi Leo opportunity (once Abate injury, Desi Rio is likely to give up the main), the Hong Heijun for the growth of Desi Rio happy. Strasser of last season, after the outbreak of Angela Merkel, Milan will both price of millions of loud speaker, both in Genoa, Lecce are marked with half the main, this season, the winter transfer window of Milan, a lack of people recycling back, the two worth one into one, has increased dramatically. Such a good young talent in this Milan youth team, Desiree Rio Valle, a lot of media to the total worth of these players is estimated at around 20 million euros. 20 million theoretical figures into real money? Allegri two years to promote the three teenager, is a viable program.

To be sure, Desi Leo Strasser last is teams like Abarth branded game, or Milan putting out looking for experience, their price will increase, they will create some income to Milan If the Rossoneri less rates relative to Juventus food shortages is an indisputable fact that the words, then relying on  AC Milan Jersey Third this gold mine of the youth academy, helping Milan to find a new way of making money.


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