MLB storm in Beijing

MLB is not only gathered lots of baseball fans but also attracted countless young sports and citizens. With their participation, the atmosphere in the scene was warm extremely. They completely enjoyed this baseball sports which is based on the core of family and filled with fashionable elements.

The heat of baseball increased with this fresh air and comfortable environment in the Times Square. The MLB paradise, with the form of vivid rhythm, charming color and brand-new baseball amusement, attracted many people stop to take part in. In the center of baseball paradise, there is a simulative professional baseball field which radius is 20m. The one who participated in this baseball sport can organize group freedom and then have a fierce and strain baseball game. The MLB professional league had prepared many delicate prizes for the winners which enhanced the enthusiasm of citizens taking part in this activity.

2011 is the third year that MLB walked into China. It must be a good phenomenon for MLB professional league that more and more Chinese began to contact, know and love baseball. It will not far for baseball paradise to make baseball sport walk into Chinese life. We hope that baseball paradise can last longer and far with more enterprises and society strength. MLB professional league will try their utmost to make more and more people know the joyful of baseball. All the words above are spoken by the general manager in China of MLB professional league.

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