Monster Dem politicians in USA Senate want to pass Map-21, full of big brother tyranny courtesy of Jay Rockefeller, D(W.Va)

    John D. Rockefeller stated "competition is a sin". Following in his footsteps is Jay R.  A little tyranny from USAs Big Banker family is not enough and Jay R.s endorsement of Map-21 show how far the Demoncats of the Senate  are ready to go, led by head demon Jay R., in putting heavier chains on people in the USA. The chains are not resting lightly upon We the People but are becoming quite heavy.

     Honorable mention for runnerup demon is demoness Barbara Boxer (D.CA) , chief bill sponsor. CS Lewis could have used this group for inspiration when he wrote the Screwtape Letters.

see link: http://www.infowars.com/democrats-try-to-ram-through-big-brother-transport-bill/

Democrats Try To Ram Through Big Brother Transport Bill

     How much the demons from both political parties have crushed the Bill of Rights and the USA Constitution is seen in the following article about US Govt. ability to concoct secret evidence to convict the innocent. The Demoncats and the Republic-nots, both admins of Bush and Obama are responsible for this along with the toadys in office today in the House and Senate who keep the poison bills coming at the same time they claim to be representing people in the USA.

see link: http://www.infowars.com/trials-without-crimes-or-evidence/

Trials Without Crimes Or Evidence

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