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Mountains of Petitions


Mountains of Petitions

Thanks to the action of determined Campaign for Liberty members across the country, we have recently finished organizing our next Audit the FED petition drop on Capitol Hill. 

Representing Campaign for Liberty's largest petition drive to date, over 700,000 petitions to Congress have been sorted and stacked in the C4L national office.

And the support to restore sound money continues to grow!

Audit the FED currently stands just short of majority threshold cosponsors in the House.  With your constant pressure and Senator Rand Paul's help, the bill has also amassed 20 co-sponsors in the Senate, adding another just yesterday.

Campaign for Liberty interns, staff, and volunteers have begun delivering these 700,000 petitions to our Congressmen and Senators to ensure these numbers continue their skyward climb.

Next year will mark the 100-year anniversary of the Federal Reserve.  Let's make sure it's one of the last!

Please continue contacting your representatives to urge they co-sponsor and force a roll call vote on Audit the FED.






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