Need Help Creating Credible Economic Simulation

I'm interested in contributting to Dr. Paul's campaign for presidency in my own little way. I would like to build a game that models the consequences of our current economic trends. A game that puts the player in the role of President of the United States in the year 2012, and tasks them with charting the future of the country by making major economic decisions.

I'm looking to meet with individuals that are interested and knowledgeable of current economic policies and consequences of such trends. Having an an understanding of how economics have shaped civilizations throughout history, and being able to speak to concrete examples of free, successful civilizations, would be a major help in creating plausible outcomes for decisions that players make in the game.

The end goal is to promote freedom and liberty as the best way to allow a modern civilization to thrive, and to expose the fracture and imbalance of wealth distribution that Neoliberalism and Keynesianism inevitably lead to. 

This is a big undertaking and I will definitely need and appreciate any assistance that anyone wants to provide.

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