North Suburban Liberty Activist

I was a clueless left leaning independent before 2007. I thought the main purpose of government was to make life better for people, especially those in need. Then I met Ron Paul (thanks to my libertarian husband), who helped me realize that statism is NOT benevolent, but is unconstitutional and a vehicle for tyrrany. I learned that THE purpose of government is to protect liberty, not to provide equality or goods. Statism diminishes freedom, charity, self-expression and resourcefulness of the people. It promotes a dependency mindset of middle and lower class people, while increasing the power and economic hegemony of the corporate ruling class via self-serving $ponsorship of the political process.  In 2007 I held my nose and registered republican for the first time in my life so I could vote for someone WAY better than the lesser of two evils: Ron Paul. I campaigned for him in 2007-2008, and am doing so again. He's a rare leader--the only politician I know of who has the integrity, knowledge, honesty, and courage to stand up for liberty and the constitution even when the political and media establishment continually try to suppress and slander him. Go Ron Paul!

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