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Obama Admin. responsible for “..bribing , placating and than abandoning the people” according to Harvard Law Prof. Unger


Obama Admin. responsible for “..bribing , placating and than abandoning the people” according to Harvard Law Prof. Unger

     How many more people will come out of the woodwork and tell it like it is? Obama, the great betrayer along with his willing cohorts in the anti-tariff , deregulation crowd have destroyed the Industrial capital of America, sending it and the jobs associated with it overseas.

     Harvard Law Prof says to bail on Barry O. and better to get a Repub in office than stick with failed O. policies that are driving a stake into the heart of American innovation, creativeness and potential.

     Unger is telling fellow Progressive Dems to dump Obama because he has been so toxic and caustic to the Republic he cannot be tolerated in any form or fashion for another four year term.

     I think the USA Constitution if it was adhered to is the agent of revolutionary change. Obama is just changing the USA into an authoritarian hellhole. The taxes Unger refers to could easily be raised by following the US Constitution and reinstituting tariffs on foreign imports. Congress would of necessity have to seize and take over control of the Federal Reserve and run it as a public national bank and let people redeem their currency for gold and silver like it was before Roosevelt took that away.

     Probably the quickest way to get America back on its feet would be for Congress to seize the Federal Reserve and take over control of it. No more austerity policies would be necessary. Remove permanently its monopoly on money and immediately have it buy bonds from the states at zero percent, a trillion dollar loan to the states that would than loan to small and medium sized businesses who would than hire people. Raising tariffs on foreign imports and reversing the destructive free trade agreement limits on tariffs would get Industries that fled the USA to return to America and hire Americans. Take control of the Fed and make it an engine for productive loans. After that has been done and the Bilderberger Wall Street Casino has a stake driven into its vampire heart and the Bilderberger controlled TBTF have been skinned alive with a stake also driven into their hearts than the question of sound money can be addressed with precious metals as concurrent competing currencies allowed and encouraged. Another option is for individual states to institute their own public banks on the limited model of the Bank of North Dakota.  Limited because in 1919 when the BND was instituted, paper money was redeemable in gold and silver whereas now it is obviously not.

     Trillions loaned at zero% by the private for profit Bilderberger controlled Fed to the casino TBTF banks who then make the taxpayers pay for the several %age point profit they get for parking that in excessive reserve accounts of the Fed but nothing for the 50 states? Is there something wrong with this %$#%( expletive deleted)ing picture?! Does the USA exist to feather the nest of indecent, gambling Bilderberger controlled TBTF banker vampires who are biting and chewing off the face of the Republic?!

    There's a really smart guy, Jim Willie who describes in understandable language how JPMorgan used trillions in Interest Rate Swap derivatives to keep the bond yield down thus imitating a fake Treasury Bond Rally where investors run to the perceived safety of the USTbond and dump their other bonds in the process. His analysis is the game is almost totally played out.

see link: http://news.goldseek.com/GoldenJackass/1339012800.php

USTBonds: Black Hole Dynamics

     Interesting link on discussion of USA and worlds banking entities.

link: http://www.tfmetalsreport.com/podcast/3910/tfmr-podcast-23-jim-willie-trifecta

TFMR Podcast #23 – The Jim Willie Trifecta

    Unger can't stomach O's Marxist/Fascist/Bilderberger Elitist bullshit anymore than the typical person in the street who has been foreclosed on, taxed to death, forced into an unemployment line or driven out of business because a predatory GovCo gets fatter on the destruction of productive society and then throws the wasted husks of a once prosperous citizenry into the streets where it has to fend for its own survival. And might I add all the while inviting the poor illegal immigrants from Mexico to join unemployed Americans to compete for the few limited job opportunities that remain in the USA.

link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/16/roberto-unger-obama_n_1602812.html?utm_hp_ref=mostpopular

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