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Obama’s MO is “just get away with it”


Obama’s MO is “just get away with it”

     One could spend a lot of words describing the faux POTUS and his admin. but it comes down to him wanting to just keep getting away with whatever criminality he is pursueing. Anybody can be calling him into question whether it be Congress or a group of concerned private citizens (lawsuits regarding his eligibility to serve as POTUS is the obvious question on peoples minds) and he ends up pulling the "executive privilege" stunt or having his lawyers produce tortured and twisted reasons for not answering questions. It is his modus operandi, he just wants to get away with the high crimes and misdemeanors people have questions about and its as uncomplicated and as simple as that.

    Congress just needs to hold Holder in contempt, get the house to vote on it and let the prosecutor sort it out because Obama the betrayer is not giving anything up voluntarily.

link: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/jun/20/obama-asserts-executive-privilege-over-ff-docs/

Obama asserts executive privilege over ‘Fast and Furious’ documents


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