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School and Knowledge

"…..Religion, Morality,  and Knowledge, being necessary to good government and the happiness of Mankind, School and the means of education shall be forever encouraged….."  George Washington April 7, 1789.   This was the first real full day, or "day one" of our country.

As you will see, just 35 years after the best year ever, that unfair government took root almost right away.  Here's one of my favorite example.

"….the sense in which the Constitution was accepeted and ratified by the nation.  In that sense alone it is the legitimate Constitution.  And if that be not the guide in expounding it, there can be no security[9/11] for a consistant [housing market and gas prices] and stable [dollar strength]…exercise of powers."… June 25, 1824  spoke by James Madison[old age], in session to Henry Lee[Black horse Harry].  Here in history, Henry Lee wrote for Andrew Jackson.  1824 elections were a single party [Democratic-Republician Party] run election with the current Speaker Of The House and Secretary Of State running againsted him.  With Andrew Jackson losing, many voters believed the "man of the people" had been robbed by the "corrupt aristocrats of the East."  Call the Democratic-Republician Party.

Just a thought I'm will to debate.



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