Shay reproduction of National Team Jersey 11 Banks-style miracles fighting Nanzu massacre massacre

Shay reproduction of  National Team Jersey  11 Banks-style miracles fighting Nanzu massacre massacre

After the opener 1-3 defeat to Croatia, Ireland had a dream a miracle to Spain, but eventually their strength failing, or 0-4 down in each other's feet. This game, the old Irish goalkeeper Shay Given time humiliation pick up balls from the net nest, but he is also the team the most eye-catching performance, if not up to double-digit fighting, Ireland actually lose what miserable kind really can not imagine.

Prospects game with Spain before Shay has very confident that: "A few months ago, England had at Wembley 1-0 victory over Spain, indicating that Spain is not invincible. Our strength lies in positioning the ball. Spanish players are not on the current European Cup, the highest, while we have some tall players. "Shay hopes on the team's positioning the ball, but the whole of Ireland to shift their hopes on him, only Ji Wencheng power to block The attacks in Spain, the Irish have time to look for opportunities to attack.

Facts have proved that Shay did not let the Irish down, despite the opening to less than 4 minutes Torres break goal, but he also repeatedly staged magic to fight the blaze, especially when 54 minutes of the game, Harvey shot inside the restricted area of ??(microblogging Data) through the legs of the Irish players appeared to be network, this time Shay incredible line at the door and saved the ball, this is definitely Banks (microblogging), the great fighting, Shay's shocked by the four performance make it difficult to believe that he is already 36 years old.

Although the game has lost four goals, and this is the  National Team Jerseys  Ireland team in international competitions, losing a record, but Shay's excellent performance is there for all to see the whole game he made a total of 11 times to fight the blaze, if not his fighting, Ireland will lose even more severely after the game "goal network" to evaluate the performance of Shay: "make a lot of excellent saves, especially in the first 54 minutes when he saved Harvey's shot just weird."

In fact, as early as 10 years ago, the World Cup, Shay had with the Spanish team battle, when his guard team only each other to break a 1-1 score in 120 minutes to allow teams to enter the cruel penalty shootout, the final penalty defeat Ireland in the World Cup 1/8 finals. 10 years later, when Shay Given again the face of Spain, when the team left to the only goalkeeper Iker Casillas, the strength of the matador Corps has undergone enormous changes; 10 years ago, Spain top king "of qualifying hat four Bo tears, and now they have been expensive for the European Cup and World Cup champion; 10 years ago, Ireland can match into a penalty shootout, this time Shay and his teammates can only afford shame of defeat by the score.

After consecutive losses to Croatia and Spain, appear in the arena of the European Cup again after 24 years, Ireland has been ahead of the game, but the performance of the Shay will not end, the final round against Italy, he also led his team to fight for dignity, if can the 2006 World Cup incidentally voted, Shay and his teammates will live up to this line. But no matter what the final result, Shay status and historical position in the Irish national team is not going to change, the great, the magic of these words apply to him is not too much.

For 36-year-old Shay, the current European Cup in his career, the last session of the International Competition, Ireland's current strength and staffing, they would be difficult to get tickets for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Since the age of 20 for the first time since the debut of the national team jersey replica Irish team for 16 years, Shay has gone through too much, his performance is consistently stable, CCTV famous commentator Wei He evaluated: "Shay is the football field evergreen. "but the tree evergreen, still in front of the unforgiving to surrender.

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