Silence from Conservatives regarding Roberts, thought he was Conservative but got conned: he's an ELITIST

     Surprise that Justice Roberts of SCOTUS sided with socalled liberals to pass Obamacare. It is surprising but when push comes to shove the labels "liberal" or "conservative" don't apply. What applies is the term "ELITIST". At the top positions of Big Globalist Govt. it is proven by Roberts defection to the liberal side of the court that Roberts is a chocolate conservative in that he quickly melted down and what remained was his true job description or title of nobility as an "ELITIST".

     I saw his smirking mug on Drudge Report and felt like taking my computer ourside and throwing it into the trash can. But , unlike an "ELITIST" I don't get a check in the mail for acting irrationally, or making up lame excuses for my actions as Roberts has. His reason for going along with Obamacare "Because the Constitution permits such a tax, it is not our role to forbid it, or to pass upon its wisdom or fairness," Roberts said.

     I suppose now the Demoncats in Congress can cook up any legislation they want and financially penalize the people who don't buy into the product Congress is forcing onto them and if it ends up before SCOTUS Roberts will help them by saying "oh, that penalty for not buying that product can be reasonably characterized as a tax" . I can't fathom how such an ignoramus like him ended up as chief justice. He is really stupid for deciding to usurp the Legislative Branch and write tax law on his own and redefine a "penalty" as a tax! The baying demoncat dogs though, even though they argued a penalty is not a tax during oral arguments will take anything they can get from this rotten excuse for a SCOTUS justice.

     I guess it doesn't enter into his pinhead brain that all along the Dems and Obama has been saying that Obamacare legislation is not a tax and it was all based upon the Commerce Clause.

     What kind of lame reasoning brings him to comment  "..it is not our role to ..pass upon its wisdom or fairness"?

     Chocolate Conservative? Most definitely.

      LAME ELITIST? Go to the head of the class Roberts, that is your title of Nobility.

What a bizarre and completely unexpected conclusion. The fix was in a while ago but for Roberts to jump in and approve of Obamacare and give the incoherent reasons he did makes the Court look bought and paid for by the Chicago mafia.

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