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Sneijder will transfer this January


Sneijder will transfer this January

This Saturday in Old Trafford usher on Liverpool of "double red will", for men deficiency soldiers major General of coach Ferguson,, small Cleverley of injury regression absolute is a good of message, but Smalin and Philip, Joan Republika still in injuries list in the, this let Ferguson in rear line injury of some stretched.

Cleverley broke out at the beginning of the season was to get people on the midfielder star was filled with infinite expectation, but serious injuries was forced to the sidelines for a long time by Cleverley. In October last year after an ankle injury in the match with Everton, Cleverley is no mere formality, fortunately, this is Alex Ferguson hopes midfielder has completely healed. According to a report in the daily mail, Cleverley has been training with the first team this week; he may be sitting on the bench in the match with Liverpool. However, the two rear small Smalin and Phil Jones were not so good luck, two people may be absent from Saturday's game, Ferguson hopes they can at its shiniest cup comeback next week. Liverpool in the FA Cup fourth-round match will be Manchester United eliminated, this time come to Old Trafford and because of racial discrimination was the van Evera suspensions Soares will also release coming out of the 8 field, old scores and new interweave this game is full of highlights. Liverpool dogfight has more than 20 years of veteran Ryan Giggs says Manchester United Liverpool will be left behind, it will never change, he said in an interview with the mirror: "we are the United Kingdom's two most successful clubs, so I know when Liverpool have come up full Spanish La Liga Soccer Jersey . It took us a long time to catch up with Liverpool winning record, we now have more than them, and challenge now is to continue to lead the team. ”

Liverpool match, midfielder Pogba is likely to continue to occur on the bench for Manchester United, France small in the match before Stoke usher own's debut in the Premiership, his people's eyes light up. However, who has midfield star is considered United's youth training camp one of the most potential genius, but his future is still a unknowns. Pogba brokers watched the Wednesday Juventus and AC Milan of Italy Cup semi-final first leg, according to the daily mail, Pogba probably rejected by the broker under the instigation of contract renewal with Manchester United, after the expiration of the contract with Manchester United this summer switch to Juventus Premier League Jersey. Since Morrison has move to West Ham, Manchester United do not want to lose a potential Pogba, Ferguson left in a BBC interview on Pogba with confidence: "Pogba and we are discussing the issue of renewal, as he has been replacing the broker, talks a little complicated, but Pogba wants to leave, that is obvious, I hope we can soon negotiated a new contract"

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