Soares praised Liverpool Jersey the Red Army successful harvest year renewal only in return for King

Soares praised Liverpool Jersey  the Red Army successful harvest year renewal only in return for King

Uruguayan striker Suarez is expected to renew their contracts with the club a raise very satisfied with the performance of the season in Liverpool, although still not shortlisted League in the first four, but the excellent results of the Cup stadium worthy of recognition. Soares praised this year was successful, and he is willing to continue allegiance to Liverpool, because the coach Kenny Dalglish despite the pressure of public opinion behind their own several times in the same crisis, the typical example is the incident with the the Evra "handshake door,".

If the Red Army and then be able to get the FA Cup, will harvest the domestic cup double winners, Suarez think that this is a great honor. All of the club, all players will experience good and bad things, and that is football, "buck-toothed Su explained. "We play in the league is not good, but in the Cup, but close enough to the championship, not to say that this season is a failure. Gains and losses, which reflects the development and rise of a club, and eventually won the trophy and wearing on the gold medal, is our best encouragement. "

Now Liverpool in this very young, most of Liverpool Soccer Jersey  the main between running less than a year, Suarez insisted that next season will belong to Liverpool: "In the face of accusations and pressure, we can always make the right response, and the fans also continued to support us next season in the League arena will get back on track, play their proper level, we need to do now is to ensure that the FA Cup will not be sidelined two champions, we are still England's most one of the successful club. "

This season, Soares has been suspended for eight games, but he still scored 14 goals for the Reds, Baoya the Sutan words most thank the support of the coach Kenny Dalglish. "I was his pick, I am very grateful to Liverpool, however this is only the first grateful," the Uruguayan told reporters. "I say Thank you, Kenny always stood by me when I most need support and help, talk to me and excuse, no exaggeration to say, I get support from his one hundred percent . "

"He is a great shooter, and therefore know how to deal with my relationship, a great feeling, he always give me the most effective proposal," Soares said frankly willing to stay long in Liverpool. Dalglish power not no. "I appreciate his cooperation, which is the key reason I am willing allegiance to Liverpool."

Dalglish recently announced the lineup this summer, he will also be adjusted and supplemented, but the play as far away as France, Joe - Cole has no interest in the Red Army, rent midfielder expressed the wish to stay in Lille . "I'm certainly willing to Liverpool Jersey Wholesale stay in Lille, but some things hard to have the final say," Cole stressed. "I never talked to Liverpool, but rather in Lille, my life is pretty good here, the only thing I lost, I am afraid that only the French League Premier League atmosphere fills this season, Joe - Cole Lille 33 appearances in all competitions, scoring 4 goals.

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