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Strike a blow for freedom Thursday at 7PM


Strike a blow for freedom Thursday at 7PM

Do you believe that bureaucrats have the right to peer into your personal life?

What about the 4th Amendment to the Constitution?

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

But the Patriot Act gives unaccountable bureaucrats nearly unlimited power to violate the right to privacy of nearly any citizen! And without judicial oversight.

Our Founding Fathers saw the Fourth Amendment as a remedy to the arbitrary and unreasonable assaults on free expression exemplified by King George's abuse of general warrants.

At our founding, English common law provided the basis for an inalienable right to be secure in our persons and property from an overreaching, unrestrained government. Those setting up our system of laws had seen first-hand the arrogance of power and corrupt systems that abridged these freedoms in the colonies, in the name of the Crown.

But our 4th Amendment protections were rendered meaningless for the next three years when the Patriot Act was extended last year.

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch voted for the Patriot Act. In contrast, our other Senator, Mike Lee, voted against it.

Now is the time to find out what Senator Hatch intends to do in two years. Will he vote to extend the Patriot Act again?

If you agree that we should not stand for warrantless invasion in the private lives of Americans citizens, then we have to convince Sen. Hatch to change his mind and his previous votes.

You see, this is the best time to lobby members of the US Senate. They do not have to face the wrath of the voters for six years. This is the time to convince Sen. Hatch to repudiate his past support for the so-called Patriot Act and stand for our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

On Thursday, March 15 at 7 PM, the Utah GOP will be holding precinct caucus meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to choose delegates for county GOP conventions and for the state GOP convention.

These delegates will choose the Republican nominees for various public offices. This year’s state convention delegates will decide who will be the Republican nominee for the US Senate.

The political reality in Utah is that those people who attend the caucus will have the greatest impact on Senator Hatch’s positions on many issues – including extension of the so-called Patriot Act.

That is why I am asking you to make sure Senator Hatch gets the message and so he knows that liberty-loving citizens in Utah care about this issue.

Can I count on you to do the following?

1)            Attend your precinct caucus Thursday March 15 at 7PM. You can find the location of your caucus here. Attending the caucus is fun and easy. You can find out more about the whole process here.

2)            Ask your fellow caucus participants to pass the following resolution:

Whereas: Congress passed the original "Patriot" Act in the aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy without thoroughly reading or debating a bill that would transform our country into a national security state; and

Whereas: The implementation of the national security state has created an expansive, inefficient, and secretive bureaucratic nightmare increasingly being targeted to spy on Americans, even based on anonymous information and political affiliation, all supposedly in the name of keeping us safe.; and

Whereas,: Last year, Congress passed a three-year extension of the "Patriot" Act.

Therefore:  To protect Americans from spying conducted by the national security state, we demand that Sen. Hatch repudiate his vote on the so-called "Patriot" Act and pledge to vote against future extensions.

This may be our last chance to get Senator Hatch’s attention on this important issue.

Be sure to attend your caucus this Thursday!


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