The HUGE African American migration from the democratic party to the Tea Party and why racist should fear it.




     Recently  when the news broke about the federal government making deals with cartels in a cocaine for guns deal and the  reality that this has been going on for 30 years in a fake drug war, floored me! I now have to side with Ron Paul and the African American community to stop these wars and legalize medical marijuana and hemp creating billions in savings and revenue.  I also now support his policy of freedom for non violent prisoners of the drug war. We need jobs not ideas and progressive dreams forced on us. Nothing wrong with some of the ideas but why do both political machines always bring up welfare,healthcare, and programs to help the people being cut but NEVER bring up the billions given away to other countries.

After watching an ex dea agent  on youtube tell of the story of cia planes bringing in planeloads of cocaine to addict and imprison our fellow Americans (one was shotdown by Nicaragua) I just wanted to create a outlet for discussion on this and what should we would do about this corrupt left right drug empire hiding behind the parties in power?

No wonder the cia ran news and political parties are trying their mind control propaganda tactics to try and stop so many democrats and republicans from going to the third party freedom choice. WE NEED JOBS!

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