The National Popular Vote will hammer a nail in the states' rights coffin!

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Oppose National Popular Vote

Big Government Democrats have teamed up with Big Government Republicans to try to convince us to destroy our own Constitution.

The National Popular Vote is a scheme to do away with the Electoral College.  It will facilitate the destruction of our Republic.  The supporters of this plan will try to tell you it does not do away with the Electoral College, but this is a deception.   

You see, there would still be electors at an Electoral College casting votes, but under National Popular Vote, they would be nothing more than ceremonial.  Electors would be bound by law to vote with the national vote, instead of their state's.

Currently, the President of the United States is elected via an Electoral College.  The Electoral College was originally designed by the founding fathers as a federal hedge against the domination of the absolute national majority over the individual states.  Without the College, the delicate federal balance between national unity and regional distinctiveness would be lost and the various states would lose much of their power over the Executive Branch.

If National Popular Vote passes in Michigan, it would mean that Michigan's Electoral College representatives would cast their vote for whomever gets the most votes nationwide and not for who Michiganders voted for.  We may vote for one candidate, but our representatives in the Electoral College would be forced to vote for the person the majority of Americans voted for.

The proponents of National Popular Vote are gearing up to introduce this in Michigan, so please help us by signing our petition to say "NO" to the National Popular vote.

The effort to destroy the electoral college in Michigan is being spearheaded by Saul Anuzis, former Michigan Republican Party Chair and former candidate for the National Republican Party Chairmanship.  Attacking the Electoral College is a favorite past time of liberal Democrats, so why is Mr. Anuzis carrying their banner?  He will try to baffle you with statistics, while telling you how this will bring candidates out of the urban centers and into the rural areas.  When politicians tell you things, ask yourself: how do they benefit if I believe it?  If his claims were true, the Democrats and the unions would be fighting this tooth and nail.

Why then, are the Democrats on board with this?

It's because they know this will move us closer to a true democracy, where majority rules and can strip the rights from the minority with a simple vote.  Two wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner.  John Adams said, "Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself."

This is very similar to the 17th Amendment, which established direct elections of United States Senators by popular vote.  One step further from a republic and closer to a democracy.  The 17th Amendment neutered states' rights and destroyed the balance of power between states and the federal government.  You can certainly see where that got us: a federal government that walks all over the states.

The proponents of this scheme claim it's a states' rights issue.  Well, they are right.  The National Popular Vote will hammer a nail in the states' rights coffin, so if our state does not want to lose more power to the federal government, we need to say no to the National Popular Vote.

And if you don't believe me, read the Cato Institute's analysis of it.

Please sign our petiton now to say "NO" to National Popular Vote!

Tony DeMott
Interim Michigan State Coordinator, Campaign for Liberty




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