Unemployment rate is a lie. The long term unemployed are not counted and U6 should be above 22%, not 15%

         Govt. caught lying to US public once again. If a person is not employed and for 4 weeks has not applied for a job they are not counted as part of the work force. There are 6 million people who want a job but have not applied for one in 6 weeks and if these 6 million all went out and applied for a job this week the unemployment rate would go above 11%, because they probably wouldn't get hired which is why they are the short term discouraged.

     If one adds the number of long term discouraged workers to the BLS U6 which includes short term discouraged workers (u6 is broadest overall unemployment estimate but does not include long term discouraged workers) than the rate jumps from 15.1% to over 22% (for Jan 2012). The difference being long term discouraged workers. So from this calculation one can say the Govt. since 1994 has been under reporting unemployment and since this recession started it is now  a huge under reporting of the percentage of unemployment.

I don't have a subscription to his publication but John Williams of shadowstats.com says the unemployment  rate is really somewhere north of 22% because the Govt. manipulates out the long term discouraged workers from their equations and they never tell anyone about U6. The chart at the link following this paragraph says it all if you look at it long enough.


Alternate Unemployment Charts

     A more complete explanation of the deceptions involved with the Govt. calculations of unemployment rates is at this link: http://www.wnd.com/2011/03/270957/

Yikes! You won't believe the real jobless numbers



The 86 million invisible unemployed

     Obama Admin. job #1 is to deceive US citizens into believing their lies about a recovering economy when they trot out unemployment rate of 8.1% as if they weren't fibbing about how they arrived at their cooked up %age.

     What proof is there Americans aren't going back to work even though the POTUS claims the falling unemployment rate is proof they are?

1)percent of working Americans decreased, i.e. less Americans are working.% of working Americans as of: March 2007: 63.3%,              March 2008: 62.7%,         March 2010: 58.5%  ,            March 2012: 58.5%

2)from March 2012 to April 2012 the number of Americans not counted as "in the work force" increased by  522,000  up to 88,419,000 from 87,897,000 ,

3) The number of working age Americans that don't have jobs increased from 100,570,000 to 100,919,000 or by 349,000 from March 2012 to April 2012.

One can determine from all this the POTUS has lied his tale off once again and I am not buying his swampland in Florida to build my house on anytime soon.


There Are 100 Million Working Age Americans That Do Not Have Jobs

     Obama's NDAA of 2012 with provision for indefinite detention of US citizens by the military on orders of the POTUS and battlefield USA is the beginning of the dystopian society Orwell must have been describing in 1984. Add to that the ReEducation camps described in the just leaked 2010 US Army manual and the contol freak friends of Obama ,such as Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers, who have always wanted ReEd camps to murder 25 million Americans to realize their dream from hell of a more equitable dystopian/utopian society. Right now gays want to get married and have same rights as herterosexual couples. Soon enough pet owners will want equal rights and demand the right of marraige to their pet dogs, to their pet horses, pet pigs, etc. If for the first time in the history of man, gays get "equality" for marraige there is no end to the freaks who will demand "equality" for any number of things. Thus, the dream from Hell of "equality" will prevail if the demon is let loose by allowing so-called gay marraige. Gay marraige would not be "equality" but a cheap imitation of the covenant of marraige between opposite sexes. Besides, its all just a scheme to get the legal rights married couples have without entering into marraige between opposites sexes, one of the oldest covenant relationships between two people on planet earth. It really is a Marxist/Orwellian type plot to attempt to destroy "The Family" as the backbone, the bedrock of civilization. Obama deceptions about unemployment is just a small brick in his wall of deceptions. Orwells 1984 is what O is attempting to implement now in the USA. The USA can't take anymore of his "ball and chain" (hope and change) as everyone will end up equally taxed to death, equally unemployed, equally poor, equally enslaved, equally harassed by the TSA and cops or equally housed in a US Army ReEd camp.



Obama Mentor Wanted Americans Put In Re-Education Camps


     Of course Obama Admin. rightly deserves the verbal slings and verbal arrows of criticism in deceiving us about unemployment rates. U6 should include these long term discouraged workers but it doesn't and they only headline the U3 which is also a fib.



Real unemployment rate: 22.5%

Jeff Rense Reads Orwell - The End Of Freedom

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