Vote Fraud Class Action Lawsuit to be file 6/11


The GOP and the Romney campaign have worked together to commit widespread, flagrant election fraud, and are continuing to do so. They are planning to stage another fake, beauty pageant scam of a national convention AGAIN!
Click 'See More' and read this entire post. THIS IS HUGE.
The attorneys at Tools for Justice and Lawyers for Ron Paul are filing a federal class action lawsuit against the GOP in the 9th Circuit TOMORROW!
SPREAD THE WORD to ALL Paul, Santorum and Gingrich Delegates. They are ALL victims of the ELECTION FRAUD that has been perpetrated by the GOP/Romney partnership and are "injured parties". Send delegates to http://www.electionfraudremedy.com/ ASAP! They should join the site and state that they want to be plaintiffs. Doing this TODAY would be best. The more initial plaintiffs the better, but more plaintiffs will be added afterward by addendum. This lawsuit should result in a COURT ORDER that demands that the GOP and all delegates OBEY FEDERAL LAW, that all duly elected delegates will be seated at the convention and that they will VOTE THEIR CONSCIENCES. Federal law trumps party rules. THIS IS REAL and it is HUGE. Please Spread The Word NOW! Thank you.


Document voting rights violations and election fraud abuses committed during the 2012 Republican primaries in our ToolsforJustice private forum.




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