WAGs boycott call girl Argentina Jersey Home Ironically, her vampires to seduce the men of the bar of God

WAGs boycott call girl  Argentina Jersey Home Ironically, her vampires to seduce the men of the bar of God

Jennifer - Thompson with the man of the ballot and the host again, but she entered the Premiership WAGs become the "main house" dream destined to burst Premiership WAGs last night to boycott Jennifer seduce their men, irony that she is a vampire. night Royal countless men.

Jennifer and the bar of God to go to bed "private" sold to the tabloids get paid about ? 70,000 more than she was two years ago, the sale and Rooney sex from the remuneration. Premiership WAGs sarcastically said Jennifer vampires, because she can suck the blood of many men of fine WAGs have been boycotting her to join. Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Everton and the other northwest of Premier League players' wives and girlfriends to stop Jennifer into their party and football celebrities frequented locations, to prevent her seduce their boyfriends and husband. They also use modern communication technology, instant messages, and Twitter network, and keep each other informed of the whereabouts of Jennifer.

And WAGs very close one friend said: "all companions of the English Premier League club players in the northwest together, they see or hear her appear likely to Argentina Jersey Away place their men, on the Huxiangzhuangao. Once the alarm WAGs make sure that their men do not Jennifer where the nightclub or bar, or send someone staring at the men to  ensure they do not put the embrace of Jennifer Sadly, some young players will stand up to Jenny the temptation of Dover, tasting the forbidden fruit, and she will take them and Balotelli and Rooney. dependent on the life WAGs become smart. "

Jennifer broke the news to the tabloid her how in six weeks carrying bar of God's girlfriend Lafaaila have sex with him twice. Bar of God driving his white Bentley in a traffic light encounters Jennifer, invited her to an Indian restaurant, the next day two men went to the bar of God in the Cheshire mansion lingering. Jennifer said the two have been having sex 5:00, three hours later, he went to training! Jennifer Under normal circumstances a charge of ? 1,200 a night, but she was obviously very satisfied with the bed technology of the bar of God, there is no fee to him, to show off to out of 10 points, then the bar of God-bed technology can play 9.5. Two bed Pakistan God also asked Jennifer and Wayne Rooney up to 7 times the sex experience, Rooney was carrying a pregnant wife Colin go out have fun.

Jennifer not only sleep star boyfriend, not sparing even the sisters, her dancers and strippers women who have been expelled from Tenerife. In Argentina Jersey Youth addition, she and the 31-year-old son of Manchester United legend George - Best Karume slept, but also seduce England legend Gary - Gary Lineker's brother Wayne.

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