We sit in weakness by our lack of foundation and Principals while our enemies simply defy our stand because we are not standing, we hide behind the ignorance of ourselves and our capacities. Tell me what criminal would not take advantage of this? How dare we point the finger at all others why we refuse to defy. We are the results of our own actions or lack of in this case. It is so easy to blame those over there but far more difficult to look into the eyes of this individual standing right there before you in that mirror.


Our defiance lacks our foundation within our Declaration of Independence, it lacks our knowledge, our understanding and use of our principals listed in such a document of truths and here we sit blaming the ignorant with our own ignorance of ourselves.


Surely your mirror is SCREAMING AT YOU!!! to figure out where all cause originates, all actions originate and all accomplishments originate. How dare us not utilize what WE are so capable of.


You have no one to blame but you, reread the Declaration of Independence, know damn well what A Republic is, understand that Life, Liberty and the Pursuits of Happiness are the components, the principals, the tools to achieve A Republic as a direction as a way of life that promotes YOU LIFE! For if you are without these you are left with nothing to support yourself.


You are your Republic should you DECIDE to keep it but you can only decide by what you do know because when you decide on what you do not know do you see the world for which we live in, the ignorant world of ourselves.


By William Schooler

A Producing American in A Republic by CHOICE.

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